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Acai extract powder

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Açaí ( Linné, family) is a palm tree typical from the Amazon region. It is also found in Equador, Colombia, Guiana and Venezuela.

The main parts of the tree commonly consumed and used by the Regional population are the Fruit and the Heart of Palm.

The Açai fruit pulp is a very popular ingredient in health foods, being typically used in functional beverages, sweets, jellies and cereal bars. It is an energy source rich in proteins, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, lipids and anthocyanin pigment.

Anthocyanin is soluble in water, being responsible for the fruit's natural reddishcolor. It absorb slight from the green and blue light waves,allowing the red tones to be captured by the plant tissues and bere flected to our eyes.

The main antocyanin found in Açai is cyanidin-3-O-glucoside, a known antioxidant that is quickly absorbed by the body acting as ananti-inflammatory, giving protection to tissues and skin.

Through a solid expertise in extraction processes and differentiated technologies, we are able to offer and enhance the valuable benefits from vegetables and fresh fruits, transforming a natural raw ingredient into a value added high quality extract.

We supplies a variety of Açai products, ranging fromdried fruit pulp, to concentrated standardized extracts. Different solubility levels and concentrations of standardized markers allow a broad usage in various end-use applications.

Through our organic products, we fosters sustainable usage of natural resources and ensures our customers are able to produce products aligned to the Health & Wellness and sustainability trends.

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