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Maca powder

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What is Maca?

Maca is a plant cultivated over 2,000 years in Peru’s Central Andes region, which constituted a basic feeding support for the Inca Empire troops. Maca is raised between 3,800 – 4,500 m. above sea level, in grounds with negative climate conditions for any other crop. Maca is resistant to frosts, hailstorms, snow and other climate factors peculiar to its habitat. Also, its farming in soils with a high mineralization rate permits Maca to be one of the most nourishing foods, due to the variety of compounds that it intakes from the ground.

Botanical Classification:


Sub - Division : ANGIOSPERMAE





Species : Lepidium peruvianum Chacon sp. nov.

Lepidium meyenii

Common names : MACA, MAKA

Composition: (Each 100 grs)

Energy 325 Kcal.

Proteins From 10.0 to 17.0 g

Grease 0.80 to 0.90 g.

Fiber 4.95 to 5.45 g.

Carbohydrates 62.60 to 62.82 g.

Vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, D3, E, P


Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron., Manganèse, Cooper,

Zinc, Sodium, Potassium.


Essential Amino acids, alkaloids, and other elements indispensable for health maintenance.

Health Benefits:

Energetic and body strengthen

Maca specialists consider that this Andean root has the attribute of increasing vitality, mental capacity and response of the Immune System to the aggression of certain diseases. It also combats physical and/or mental fatigue, and chronic fatigue Syndrome. For the Andean highlanders Maca is mucho more than a food. These inhabitants are subjected to a permanent fatigue caused by altitude and the lack of oxygen, and nutrients such as iron and essential

amino acids contained in Maca are their only possibility to obtain needed energy for their everyday activities. Taking into account this fact is that Maca researchers placed their attention on this plant and obtained other important details: a survey carried out by the Health Ministry in 1979 in a town of Junin Department (high maca farming region) concluded that 80% of the surveyed people who admitted a regular consumption of Maca, had not assisted to any health centre in several years. This proves that a sustained consumption of Maca strengthens the Immune System. A very important fact is that Maca was used by the Inca’s armies before battles in order to increase their physical strength and mental agility. Maca is highly recommended for people who require high doses of physical and mental energy.


Nowadays too many people live stressed. Day-a-day pressures turns stress into a nuisance in our daily life, interfering in our relationship with other family members, our work and/or classroom mates. Stress makes us tensed, bad-tempered, lowers our defences, and occasionally causes depression. Maca has proved to be an efficient and powerful anti-stressant. Since the first dose taken anti-stress benefits can be perceived, and after a week of regular consumption stress has vanished completely in most cases.

Elimination of Menopause Symptoms

Maca has a tested usefulness in reducing menopause disorders. Maca has been subjected to extended chemical and clinical investigations and analyses that determined that it is a species that acts regulating the internal secretion glands, specially the hypophysis, suprarenal glands and the pancreas.

Among its benefits for menopausal patience we can mention:

1) eliminates hot flashes and night sweats.

2) Regulates typical emotional disorders to this stage.

3) Increases stress resistance.

4) Generates muscular and neuronal energy, reducing fatigue.

5) Increases memory functions.

6) Fights against skin dryness produced by hormonal changes.

7) Increases libido (betters sexual performance in woman)

8) Reduces muscular and uterine cramps.

9) Increases fertility in women with conception trouble.

All these effects are evident with the continuous use of this plant, noticing its efficiency shortly after

starting the treatment. In all clinical and laboratory researches non-desired effects nor contraindications have been reported, neither negative interference when other hormonal medications are used in parallel. Many women that ingested this vegetable product reported menstrual irregularities prior to Maca consumption, many times with abundant and unexpected hemorrhages that disappeared and regulated after Maca intake.

There is plenty information that corroborates the benefits of its use, and thousand of women can give faith

of it. Treated patients have declared less insomnia, which can be attributed to the vanishing of nocturnal

discomfort. It is very important to mention that the effects are durable and that doses should be determined according with individual features and the intensity of the existing symptoms. Maca is a natural, efficient and secure alternative to HRT (Hormonal Replacement Treatment).

Promotes Fertility

Effects in fertility increase both in man and woman has been demonstrated. Experiments held with men consuming maca shows a 20% increase in semen production as well as an increase in its quality, 30% more spermatozoids, and 40% better motility. This means more fertility. In women Maca increases Graaf Follicles in quantity, and other favorable characteristics of the Endometrium. It also increases vaginal lubrication, favouring in this way fertility.

Encourages Integral Health

It has been demonstrated that Maca consumption increases the production of the dehydroepiandrosterone Hormones, DHEA, in 50%. DHEA is best known as the Youth Hormone. With Maca consumption, convalescents, postnatal women, post surgical operation patients recover more promptly. It is important to mention that with Maca consumption people improve their memory, concentration capacity and their state of alert.

Secondary effects and contraindications:

Secondary Effects

None have been reported. Nevertheless, when a person starts to ingest Maca he could experience sleepiness or fatigue symptoms. This is due to the high quantities of energy received by the organism, but this state is overcome approximately after a week of use.

Contraindications and Interaction with other Products:

None reported.

Children and Maca

There is no contraindication for child’s Maca consumption. In Peru’s highlands children intake Maca regularly during breakfast and in many places along the day. Nevertheless in order to avoid the effects of the energetic strike we recommend starting consumption with one half of the adult dose. Maca consumption in children enhances their physical and mental development by increasing memory and reasoning capacities thus improving their school performance.

Pregnant Women and Maca

There are no observations. On the contrary, Maca´s consumption during pregnancy will encourage a better postnatal recovery of mother and child.

Ancient People and Maca

Maca favours quick recovery from bruises and wounds. It also improves memory and reasoning capacity, and eliminates stress and depression.

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